Emerson A4E Campaign

A US campaign

Emerson College, along with Voice of Young Science USA, is helping to bring Ask for Evidence to Boston. Voice of Young Science has modeled this project on the Ask for Evidence campaign by Sense About Science in the United Kingdom.

The premise behind this project is simple: if politicians, companies, or commentators want us to vote for them, buy their products, or believe their claims, then we should take an active role as responsible citizens and consumers in asking for relevant evidence. This campaign seeks to involve the public, YOU, in your own defense against deceit, by encouraging you to question and investigate marketing, media, or policy assertions that you read or hear. At Emerson College, this project is being incorporated into various Marketing and Communication Sciences and Disorders courses in order to engage students in asking for evidence and to collect data on consumer awareness.

Our Emerson campaign will include polls and case studies from Communications Sciences and Disorders and Marketing courses. We will be working on visual documentation of our project via photography and videography, and in the spring we will have an opportunity to showcase these efforts around campus!

So, how do you go about this? Good question.
The basic steps are:

  1. Identify a single claim
  2. Ask for evidence (via email, phone, letter, or social media) about the science behind the claim and the status of evidence review; make sure to have a definite list of succinct questions so you don’t get sidetracked, and indicate if you are a consumer or constituent; finally, make sure to link your inquiry to the Ask for Evidence campaign (for example, #askforevidence or #EmersonA4E)
  3. Identify evidence (resources or details provided)
  4. Evaluate evidence – reach out to A4E or Sense About Science for assistance in making sense of statistics or science
  5. Communicate your findings in a case study – these can be posted on our Examples page and publicised on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, podcasts, or other social media

We hope you will use these steps to further our societal journey to successful, rational, and equitable communities!

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Emerson Ask for Evidence visual identity by Louis Roe and JJ St. Onge